Green spring

This spring is caught in countless shades of green, which can wonderfully spice up a photo. Of course, there is no lack of other colours…

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The beauties of reflections

Reflection can make a photo more interesting. The surface of the water is often not ready for it. Many times have at least a little swinging and waves, but rarely is it almost like a mirror.

Here is a collection of my photos with different reflections.

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Landscape and storms

No, there will be no lightning, but mostly scenes from the landscape before and during the storm and how interesting it can be “wake up” after the storm.

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Just one tree

One tree, which by itself may not catch in the eye, as an interesting motive in several seasons and also in different weather conditions.

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Slovenian countryside

Moments of the diverse Slovenian countryside, where is always some interesting motive to be found – this time in my selected photos mostly from this spring and summer.

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Colourful winter

All winter we want at least some snow, but this year I have only one photo with the snow from Pohorje and this soon disappeared. Meanwhile, we create a lot of interesting and colourful photos of this year's winter and often ask, which time of the year actually is.

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Wonderful evenings

Each one is unique, often in interesting colours, but you are not always at the right time in the right place, to catch the best motive in the most beautiful colours. They are often photographed in my photos and here are selected photos of the wonderful evenings from the last year.

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In the fog

The mysterious fog, which has in recent years frequently been in all seasons, always enriches the photo and makes it different. It usually joins in the morning, when it is sometimes too dense, especially during the colder seasons it is not lacking in the evening.

A collection of my photos, which is enriched by the fog.

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These are often interesting in photos, because each one is unique , but sometimes they are not allowed to get “caught”.

Here is a selected collection of sunstars, which have always enriched my motives.

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Interesting summer

We are in the middle of hot summer with sometimes (too)wild storms, but however we often find opportunity, to catch the most interesting summer motives.

Some of them are exhibited on my photos.

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