Winter or spring 2019

This year in winter, where we are usually accustomed to at least some snow, almost looking for snow, to catch any winter motive, because at the nearby Pohorje was not exactly abound. In February we had the feeling (as well as our nature), that we are already well entered the spring. In March winter officially ends, sometimes we are surprised , but this year they were actually spring temperatures.

Let's enjoy the photos “spring winter” time.


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Autumn 2018

Unusually warm autumn with little rain and frequent morning fog gave us a lot of opportunities for photography. I have a diverse collection of interest autumn photos with interesting motives.

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Summer 2018

The constant storm and barely a day without rain in the first half of the already hot summer, then some of the heat in the second half – all together gave us a lot of interesting motives, which are also trapped in my photos of this summer.

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Spring 2018

This spring has been varied and interesting is collection of the photos, which I've created this year.

Although for a long time it didn't want to start, to turn green and to blossom, then it was great as usual – we just have to catch the real moments.


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Winter 2017-2018

While all green and blooms, keeps us sometimes almost summer temperatures, you can enjoy with some winter photos.

Sometimes it seems, that the winter with snow will never come, the second time, again, that the winter will never end. This year we had both. Long time winter didn't want to start, then for a long time to finish. Now we can with interesting photographs we're warmly saying goodbye to her.


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