Hot summer

... captured in interesting shots.

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Relaxing nature

We are often encouraged , to relax in nature, to gather new strength there or we just see something more. It can always be interesting! Here is a diverse collection of my photographs - from nature.

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The warmth of summer

The hot summer is behind us, but still with enough moisture and rainfall, that nature has shown itself to us in its diversity.

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Green spring

This spring is caught in countless shades of green, which can wonderfully spice up a photo. Of course, there is no lack of other colours…

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Spring colours

After a longer period “stay at home” finally some freedom again, to a wonderful and colourful spring, which extends not far from us, we catch on to interesting photos again.

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Slovenia – eastern part

Here we have wonderful places and landscapes, there are many places for excursions and walks. Although it can also be interesting motives for photographing, they are often ignored and unknown to many people.

Come and see for yourself, at any time of the year they are interesting.


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Plač Tower

Plač hill is the 510m high hill in North-Eastern Slovenia in the municipality of Kungota, bordering with Austria. On it stands a 28-meters lookout Plač tower, built in year 2000. It is a wonderful view across the municipality and far against Kozjak, Pohorje, Lenart and far into the interior of neighboring Austria.

Across the Plač hill are Border panoramic route, Journey through the svečina hills and The way of wine-growing and fossils.

From Plač tower are especially beautiful mornings and sunrises, as evidenced by my photos.

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Pohorje is the mountains, that rises above Maribor and stretches to the west. Is a set of beautiful nature, with natural attractions, such as forest, peatlands with lakes and waterfalls, and a number of hiking and cycling trails lead us to there, They also offer us a lot of opportunities for recreation and relaxation. In the winter, Mariborsko Pohorje becomes ski centre with probably all known competition for Golden Fox.

But certainly here in every season we can find something for yourself, as well as interesting motives and views, that last year presented on my next pictures.

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Sestrže lake

(or restraint Medvedce)

It was built in the 70. years, to keeping the high waters of the river Polskava. The immersion is a shallow body of water, which is on the west and the south side of the overgrown with lush swamp or riverside vegetation. Soon, they began to nest here a number of waterfowl, many of which are endangered species. Actually never carried out the role of the restraint, water from the lake never used for irrigation, but it's a rearing pond. Sestrže lie next to the lake, Medvedce are a neighboring village. Round trip is available for visitors after the embankment, a few service stations and observatories.

It is often an interesting point, whence also alone in his lens several times to catch interesting photographic imagery. Especially in the evening light, we can discover incredible designs.

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Pernica lake

Near the local center of Pernica is situated Pernica lake, that is an important biotope for water birds and one of the stops some of the rare migratory birds. The lake is interesting also because of aquaculture or. fishing point of view.

Around the lake is located more points, from where you can catch the interesting motives for photography, often you can find another new. The time before sunset we can surprise you with amazing colors, which are also observed on several occasions on my photos.

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